First Friday & Saturday of August Bath, IL

redneck fishing tournament

The Original Redneck Fishin Tournament


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First, all participants must have a valid Illinois Fishing License and adhere to all boating laws in place by the State of Illinois. This applies to anyone holding a net (Ages 16+.) 


Click here to be directed to Illinois Dept. of Natural Resouces to apply for license.


Click here to review Illinois Boating Guidelines.

  • Entry fee is $50 per boat entered.

  • Registration and check-in starts 2 hours prior to each heat at the table near the ramp. 

  • There is to be no pulling one boat behind another. 

  • The Tournament and it's coordinators are not responsible for any accidents. 

  • The driver of the boat or other appointed chairperson must sign a waiver located at the registration table and check in for each heat your team is entered. 

  • You must adhere to the NO WAKE ZONE from the ramp to the 1st bend north of the ramp. (refer to Illinois boating guidelines)

  • No transferring of fish from one boat to another, spotters will report violators and both boats will be disqualified.

  • Each Heat will last 2 hours, when your heat is over, please take your boat to the north or south of the ramp so that the next heat may begin.

  • The heats will begin when the flag is waived or the air horn is sounded. When the heat is over, bring your fish from to the North Boat ramp and there will be people there to count each teams totals.

  • THE ILLINOIS CONSERVATION POLICE WILL BE ON PATROL TO ENSURE THE SAFETY FOR ALL ON THE WATER. Participants must adhere to Illinois law.  Please Review the Boating Guidelines above. All Children 13 and under must be wearing a life jacket! 

Now onto the fun stuff:


The rules are simple, "catch" as many asian carp as you can in the heat, with one handed nets, your hands (be careful) or simply by being on the water and having them jump in your boat. No Fishing Poles are allowed! 


You will need something to keep your catch, large trash bags or something to able to transfer your fish off the boat to the couting area. It is illegal to throw any of the Asian Carp back into the river once they've been caught. 


PAYOUTS: Each heat will award 4 Places for the most fish caught and 1 best costume in that heat.  We will be paying 4 places for overall fish caught in all heats combined that day. (Top Money awarded for each day at 7pm at the Redneck Stage at the waterfront)

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