First Friday & Saturday of August Bath, IL

redneck fishing tournament

The Original Redneck Fishin Tournament


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Started in 2005, The Original Redneck Fishin' Tournament is a 2 day event where people from all over descend on the small village of Bath, IL to have fun on the water, enjoy great music, and most importantly help eradicate the overpopulation of the Asian Carp that has taken over this area of the Illinois River. Truly one of a kind, it is one of the only known tournaments where fishing poles are not allowed and it is ILLEGAL to release the fish you've caught.    

All you have to do is search youtube for hundreds of videos on the "flying fish" and this is a tournament that anyone can be a part of to help catch them! Make no mistake, they will jump out of the water, probably into your boat, and more than likely one of them will hit you! Protective Gear is highly recommended! 


There's a lot of fun had by all! Some dress in costumes, friends who don't see eachother but once a year reunite, and a lot, we mean a lot of these nasty fish are taken out of the ecosystem! It's having fun, while helping a habitat that was once home to great fishing! 

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